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Hosting WordPress Hosting wordpress hosting is fully managed solution to start a blog. We already know its a free blogging platform but they also have some paid hosting plans. Don’t be confused with the domain because it provide the open source wordpress CMS software only. You have to host it on your own personal hosting.

A hard working group of Automattic engineers regularly security check, update, and monitor hosting services. So I mainly consider this service to create publish customize and upgrade wordpress. They also provide 24×7 support on paid plans. Which leads to quickly resolve so many problems with the help of trained wordpress engineers.

They commonly use the term happiness engineers to cheer up there customers. At toponse we always value web services with good support. Because somehow a business support services determines how much a company faith in his own product.

Sometimes, You may feel less control on customization options. But on other hand a fully managed wordpress hosting safeguards user data from many other security issues. WordPress Hosting Platform

Some newbie users must avoid self hosting a site. Building a website from scratch require lots of time and efforts. You also have to worry about many things. hosting truly save your time, money and tensions to run a wp installation.

A SAAS Platform that won’t get broken and hosted in cloud. But it simplify things over shared hosting and just been used entirely unattended. A lot of sites entirely brooked due to malware and hacking. WordPress Hosting Plans hosting divided in to four plans. Each plan have different number of features to full fill the needs of all customers.

Plan List
Plan Domain Storage Ads Hosted Themes Cost Buy
Free Subdomain 3 GB Yes Multisite Free Free Join Free!
Personal Free 6 GB No Multisite 100+ Rs. 3,000/Yr BUY NOW!
Premium Free 13 GB Own Multisite 300+ Rs. 4200/Yr BUY NOW!
Business Free Unlimited Own Full 300+ Rs. 9600/Yr BUY NOW!


The free plan is free and super easy to use. So i recommend it for starters and wordpress learners. Some plans are internally hosted on wordpress multisite.

But to start a blog publicly with custom domain use basic plan with no ads. However there premium plan is also good for new websites with addition to the word ads monetization and premium themes.

In business plan you can install third party plugins and themes. I personally liked the business plan to host my site. WordPress Hosting Features

Internally they use fully load balanced servers. Which distribute your content globally over cdn. No worry for web traffic and nearly provide 100% uptime. A very cost effective solution compared to other hosting services. Like reseller hosting, cloud hosting and vps servers. WordPress Hosting Comparison

There are many wordpress hosting solutions. I tried bluehost shared hosting to host wordpress. But it not fully worked for my site. So i started searching other solution.

Some managed wordpress hosting solutions

  • Bluehost wordpress hosting
  • Hostgator wordpress hosting
  • WordPress Hosting Review

    But I like hosting to host my site. Compared to all other hosts, I give them 5/5.

    In terms of features and cost hosting is a nice choice. After all, I considers the business package cost in terms of updates, upgrades, security, backups and performance. It’s a peace of mind service to host the code on internet. Just try it and share your experience in comments.

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