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Sugarsync Cloud Backup Service

Sugarsync is very easy to use but its limitation is that it has no free account. Although, it is possible to live without a good storage and syncing service, but there is no reason why you would want to do this. Searching for the right service that allows you to access your files wherever you are and whenever you feel like can be tasking sometimes.

Its paid service is on the pricier side when compared with the competition. Sugarsync is far below the level of Google Drive and IDrive as an option for online backup solution.

Sugarsync Plans

The best option you’ll get in place of a free account is a limited time trial. Although, It allows you to get a free trial by adding your credit card details. Unless you will find your way through the option of trying a 5GB account. Your account will be charged when your session expires.

Sugarsync Pricing

Sugar sync’s pricing option includes $7.49 per month for a 100GB storage capacity, $9.99 for a 250GB storage capacity and $24.99 for a total storage space of 500GB per month. These prices are relatively expensive compared to other online storage solution. For example, a Dropbox pro account will give you a storage capacity of 1TB for $9.99, the same price you paid for 250GB SugarSync storage space.

Sugarsync Pricing Plans
Plan Storage Cost(1m) Cost(12m) Buy
Personal 100 GB $7.49 $90 Visit
Business 1 TB $55.00 $550 Visit

Sugarsync Backup Manager App

SugarSync’s app is compatible with iOS, Mac, Windows, Blackberry, Android, Windows and Symbian phones. The account is easy to setup and It allows you to select existing folders to sync. After setting up the account for the first time, you just sync the files you already have.

Once app has been installed and configured, your synced files and folders will appear on the device where you installed Sugarsync. This is the mode of operation of most file syncing services.

One major feature about this backup service is its level of Synchronization. It allows you to select a particular folder to Sync with your office computer or personal laptop. While other folders can be allowed to Sync with work related devices using Sugarsync file manager. You can also access the files inside by visiting there website. Such Syncing control can only be accessed with app.

Sugarsync Backup Restore

SugarSync website gives you more control and information about your site compared to the desktop or mobile apps. It also allows you to download the most recent version of your files in terms of updating or restoring them. You can also wipe synced files from any device while preserving the documents in the cloud storage in case a device is lost or stolen.

You can use the search bar present in the online version to search for keywords relating to file names and not the contents of the file as only Google Drive searches for the content of the files since it’s affiliated with a search engine.

Sugarsync Reviews and Comparison

It also allows you to share files and folders with others. You can control other people access on the file hosting you sent such as adding, editing and deleting. Although, the recipient doesn’t need to pay in order to view or edit the files. But It still needs to login to get the files. SugarSync uses the old method of creating a public link to a file or folder in order to share them and managing permissions on a recurrent basis.

SugarSync doesn’t support Real time collaboration and it hasn’t kept up with the pace of its competitors as it is quite slow for online backup. It doesn’t provide private encryption keys or more space for less money.


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