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Microsoft One Drive Cloud Storage
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Microsoft One Drive Cloud Storage

Microsoft one drive services has previously been called names like Sky Drive, Folder share and so on since it came into existence. It has a sophisticated and reliable functionality. Despite the limited storage allocation, Microsoft’s file storage and file syncing is still improving.

One Dive Features

Real time office co authoring, document searching in a shared file, music streaming and shared desktop folder syncing with a perfect and interactive web and mobile interface are some of the features that one drive offers.

It is a very important cross platform that can be operated on both PC’s and mobile devices. So for example, Mac, Androids, windows and iOS devices. The data type includes music, video, photos, settings or documents. Anyone who has signed up for a hotmail or live thereby having a Microsoft account can have a one drive account.

One Drive Pricing and Plan Cost

They provide free users with 5GB storage capacity which has recently been reduced from 15GB in 2016 and they also give long term account holder an extra 10GB for free and this is a better offer compared to other online backup storage service provider. Anybody can purchase extra 50GB storage space for just $1.99 and Office 365 users gets one terabyte extra storage capacity for their monthly $6.99 subscription.

Microsoft One Drive How To Use

It is possible to sync settings and apps on Windows phone and Windows 10 PCs, upload photos and videos from phone’s camera to the Microsoft one drive’s camera roll to make online viewing of photos possible because slide show of photos is also possible in the One Drive web interface. You can also access a map of where it is taken using the exif camera info.

Another version of device syncing that is worth knowing is the ability to manifold a previously produced machine with the new copy having the same color, user photo, themes and even history.

One Drive Comparison

File and folder syncing is another feature which Microsoft one drive offers. It is similar to the Syncing operation of Dropbox and SugarSync as it has both its storage and syncing operation joined into one cloud service and this is a very intriguing development of the previously confusing set of systems.

There Desktop app is very easy to .install with the setup allowing you to create a Microsoft account if you don’t have one before. The Syncing and file sharing feature of One drive is not only limited to Windows 7 and 8, but it’s also present in Android, Mac OS and iOS. A mobile web interface is also available for platforms like Blackberry.

One Drive Conclusion

The mobile app allows you to share anything you upload in the cloud. Also with social media accounts such as your Facebook or email address. Microsoft has also added the search optionĀ and also office mobile apps such as Mobile word, excel and power point for mobile users.

Cloud storage, File syncing and online backup are three solutions which Microsoft has combined together to make One Drive. The Idea of Cross-Platform for Mac, Android and Ios devices is an app able development by Microsoft.


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