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Mediafire File Hosting

Mediafire file hosting is one of the cloud storage companies that offer adequate file sharing services for personal and business use. The aim of every cloud storage site is to satisfy their users. Where some of the factors people watch out for when uploading their files includes easy accessibility and usage.

They provide both free and premium accounts and Security especially when the information in question is a very sensitive one.Mediafire also has all these features which increases its popularity in the business world.

Mediafire File Hosting Features

Mediafire motto is simply “file sharing made simple”. Security of files is ensured as files do not have a public link except users reveal their link to friends and relatives. SSL encryption is the security that protects user accounts while logging in. All Mediafire account have unlimited online storage capacity including free account users and premium users. Although this is a very rare situation in the file hosting industry.

The site is easy to use and it only requires you to sign up before allowing you to upload 200MB file size for free users, 10GB for business users and 4GB for Pro users. It allows customers to search for files using their names and access them using a URL. The company has recently introduced the PC/Mac app and mobile app that puts it in phase with the likes of other storage services such as Google Drive. Some of these features available in backblaze backup service.

Mediafire File Hosting Review

The web interface has been upgraded putting it in line with other premium cloud storage providers. It also has mobile apps for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android but not Windows phone or Blackberry OS. Mediafire offers free 10GB storage space for new users and if this is not enough, you can add up to 50GB space by carrying out activities like downloading the desktop app in order to earn up to 2GB, connecting to your facebook account to earn 1GB, Referring a friend to earn additional 1GB and posting to your twitter or facebook account to earn extra 2GB storage space.

Mediafire File Hosting Pricing

Some of the disadvantages of Mediafire free account also includes Captcha codes problem, Short term storage and Ad supported download. Limited storage space is one of the greatest problem for Mediafire file hosting free users as they have to login once in a year to retain their account from being deleted. Although, Mediafire will always send you a mail to let you know that when will your files are at stake. You can avoid all these stress by signing up for a paid account of 1000GB plan which costs $4.99 per month with a 50% discount on your first purchase.

Mediafire File Hosting Plans
Plan Storage Cost(1m) Buy
Free 10 GB $0 Visit
Pro 1 TB $5 Visit
Business Up to 100 TB $40+ Visit
Mediafire File Hosting App

Just like other cloud storage providers, Mediafire automatically synchronizes it folders and files as all the changes made in your computer desktop app will automatically be updated in the web version. It will also be updated on other computer that has Mediafire app with your signing details. You can also select only the files you wish to sync with Mediafire being able to save any version of your file and helping you avoid unnecessary duplication that occupies space on your storage quota.

Mediafire File Hosting Sharing

Mediafire file sharing procedure is very direct as you only need to search for the person’s folder and click on the “Share link” button and obtain a link that can be manually shared via email, facebook or twitter. The updated version of Mediafire also allows you to view PDF files, stream videos and edit spreadsheets and documents. File collaboration option is one of the limitations of Mediafire as it falls short in this area but it ensures that datas are not easily lost.

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