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IDrive Cloud Storage

IDrive has been one of the most ambitious online backup and cloud based syncing service for some time now with a least expensive pricing plan. It also has attractive features for desktop, mobile and web apps in case you want to have extensive access to your files as you back them up in the cloud.

IDrive Cloud Backup Pricing

They have a very attractive idrive pricing scheme with little limitation on the number of devices available for backup and also little barriers placed on addition of external or network devices. A normal free user accounts gives you online storage access of up to 5GB while the Pro user account gives 1TB storage capacity for $59.50 every year.

Idrive Cloud Storage Plans
Plan Storage Cost(1m) Cost(12m) Buy
Personal 1 TB $52.12 $104.25 Visit
Business 250 GB $74.62 $149.25 Visit

It provides a private encryption key allowing only you to have full access to your backed up files hence, once you lose your key, even the vendor cannot help you retrieve it.

Idrive Cloud Storage Online Backup

There is the default option where it helps you manage your key. It has a very interactive interface with the Installation process very easy and quick. Although, this service encounters competition with other online backup services like Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox. Its compatibility with different devices increases its wide range of popularity.

Idrive Cloud Storage Encryption

IDrive pricing plans are very reasonable and it does not limit the number of devices available for backup. It uses 256 bit AES encryption to protect user account during file transfer and storage. It supports iOS, windows and Android phone and can backup Facebook and Instagram videos and photos. Some of the limitations include the small 5GB storage space available and a situation where user cannot run one account on two different operating systems.

Idrive Cloud Storage How To Use

It’s web upload folder is only accessible with Google chrome and online chat support are not constantly available. IDrive uses the Network Attached Storage (NAS) as an economical way of protecting business data.

It allows you to backup numerous computers, Android devices, iPhones,and Macs with just a single account. Whenever data is too much to be uploaded, it consumes much time and uses too much bandwidth to upload data to the cloud, IDrive uses the express feature which moves 3TB of your physical storage drives for backup and makes them available for retrieval within a week.

Idrive Cloud Storage Security

IDrive have not really experienced any setbacks in terms of security since it was created. They operate a military grade security system as they don’t save users password on their system making it extremely hard for their employees to find out about your details.

The installation process of software from the main site is very easy and their app is also available for installation and syncing making you able to opt in for a private encryption key during registration process. You will also like to manage amazon cloud drive and Crashplan Backup Service.

IDrive has a “restore” tab that saves you the trouble of searching through application files to re download files by offering you tools that allows you to locate and restore any file with an easy approach. There restoration feature also allows you to automatically update backup files when changes are saved on your computer like sugarsync.

You can easily restore any previous version of a file by right clicking on it to view previous versions where you can simply select the versions you wish to restore.


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