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Google Drive Cloud Storage

Google drive is one of google’s latest developments in online cloud storage service. It offers up to 5 gigabytes free online storage space to store videos, documents, files and even pictures. It is easy to attach documents from your Google drive to emails in your gmail account because Google drives are easily combined with Google products and services.

Google Drive Features

Some of the features offered by Google Drive include Google Docs that allows you to work with your colleagues on documents, Spreadsheets and even presentation in real time. You will be informed via your gmail whenever there is any modification.

There is also opportunity of adding comments, file sharing ideas relating to the ongoing project. Google drive allows you to create a new system that is similar to Microsoft’s SharePoint especially if you are working with people from other region or you are working at home. You may also try IDrive or carbonate backup service.

Google Drive Storage Comparison

Google Docs serves as a perfect fit for Microsoft Office replacement and some online cloud storage provider’s charges higher rate for online collaboration with any of their systems.

Another feature that is worth noting is the tendency to access any document in Google Drive from any part of the world. It can be accessible on devices like Android, PC and Mac. So in case you forgot your android or laptop that contains files to be used in an event or you need quick access to a particular document. You can easily access them with Google Drive.

Keywords and Technology Used

You can search for keywords in your document, through your drive since Google Drive adds the search feature to your documents. It also identifies text present in pictures and makes them available for searching. Although, this technology is not yet perfect, there might still be some flaws in this.

Google also provides free storage capacity of 5 gigabytes which is more than twice the size of Dropbox, the leading online cloud storage. Extra online storage space can be gotten as Google Drive offers less expensive plans compared to other online companies.

Google Drive Storage Pricing

They charge as low as $2.49 per month for 25 gigabytes of storage, $4.99 per month for 100 gigabytes storage capacity and $49.99 per month will also give 1 terabyte storage capacity. If you purchase 25 gigabytes or any other plan, your Gmail account will also be increased by 25 gigabytes. These prices are even lesser than half of the prices for similar hosting services.

Google Drive Storage Users

Although, dropbox is still leading the online cloud storage market with about 40 million users, One major edge that google may soon have over them is the accessibility of the Gmail service.

I will not be surprise if google uses this single factor to attract millions of customers within a very short time frame.

Google Drive is just the perfect option to take if you are the type that already enjoys google file hosting services and you are also looking for free online storage service because Google Drive’s pricing structure is still the best for now but due to competition, other storage providers might soon match up.


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