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Crashplan Backup Service

Crashplan backup service is one of the least expensive and innovative online backup service as it permits you to use any computer connected to the internet or a local drive as a backup means. They also has one of the most interactive and perfect interface with an unlimited storage capacity and good security system.

Crashplan Backup Service Pricing

Crashplan is absolutely free to use but a one-computer paid plan costs $59.99 per year for unlimited storage capacity. The $149.99 plan also gives unlimited storage space, coupled with increase number of covered computers to ten. The full Crashplan service is also available with a free 30-days trial version. The Software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Crashplan Backup Plans
Plan Storage Cost(1m) Buy
Small Business Up to 5 TB $10 Visit

It helps you to automatically select your file for backup and you can also make changes by clicking the change options under the list of files. It allows you to select another online storage option different from its own. You can either choose a friends computer connected to the internet as backup location or a local drive. Your data will also be encrypted and even your friend cannot have access to it.

Crashplan Backup Service Review

Crashplan informs the owner of an account via email and asks for permission whenever another machine is used for backup storage. More storage target plan is allocated to the person once the owner accepts. It is possible to adjust the backup schedule after it must have been initially set by you or the program. Crashplan automatically checks the file versions every 15 minutes and online backup is set to take place once in a day by default.

Crashplan Backup Service Features

The encryption used to backup data before it is uploaded is the 448-bit blowfish algorithm. This focuses majorly on your password. Although, you can also strengthen the security of your account by opting for a separate password or specifying a customized key. Only that you must not forget your password because even Crashplan staffs wouldn’t have access to your data.

Crashplan Backup Service Comparison

It’s backup speed beats the likes of IDrive and Carbonite. In other words if you are looking for the perfect and quickest online backup solution for files with large number of gigabytes, you can consider using Crashplan backup service.

Crashplan Backup Service App

The web interface allows you to restore backed up files after logging in to your account. Although it doesn’t permit file sharing or video playing on the Web. It is possible to manage the entire computer added to your account except that you can’t perform functions like remote backup configuration or remote wipe. It has mobile apps available for Android, iOS and Windows phone with similar functions and little or no fancy modifications. The app doesn’t allow you to search for files as you need to locate the correct folder to search for files. It allows you to play media files and show images.

It is known for its perfect interface, very fast backup speed, adaptability and value. Crashplan is a perfect choice for a secure and direct online backup plan with a good value.

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