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Carbonite Backup Service

Carbonite is one online storage solution that provides good value for your money, It is one of the easiest online backup services present to operate today with a very interactive mobile app. Although carbonite limitation lies in file sharing while limiting you to a single PC. It has recently stopped the Sync and Share features hence making it impossible to perform the folder syncing operation.

Carbonite Backup Service Pricing

The pricing system is a bit straightforward with just $59.99 every year. The Basic Plan allows you to get unlimited backup space for one computer. There is an extra upgrade option that allows you to create a mirror image of your entire disk for system backup for just $99.99. Automatic video backup with courier recovery services is being added to the prime plan for just $149.99 per year. For large business owners with multiple servers, they can patronize the ultimate plan which offers 500GB storage capacity per computer. You can also have access to a free 15days trial plan with no credit card needed. A clear wizard process helps to automatically decide what to include in the backup and when to perform the backup operation.

Backblaze Backup Plans
Plan Storage PC Cost(1m) Cost(12m) Cost(24m) Buy
Basic Unlimited 1 $71.99 $136.78 $194.37 Visit
Plus Unlimited 1 $111.99 $212.78 $302.37.37 Visit
Prime Unlimited 1 $149.99 $284.98 $404.97 Visit

Carbonite Cloud Storage Features

Carbonite is mainly for people with small business that needs an affordable data system that will protect them from data loss. Carbonite supports iOS, Androids, Mac amd Windows and it protects data with the 128-bit Blowfish encryption key giving you several ways to restore files. It does not support windows phone and doesn’t allow user to create and share public links.

Carbonite Online Backup Ssl Encryption

Carbonite allows you to backup any type of documents ranging from photos, system settings and documents. It comes with a private encryption Key just like IDrive giving you a perfect security option Although you can easily loose all your data once you lose the key. The courier service allows you to get in touch with the support team in order to restore data and retrieve backups.

Carbonite Backup Service Apps

They restore speed is very slow and it usually waits to connect to backup server due to slow internet speeds. Carbonite does not provide the sharing and syncing operations Although they once supported a separate syncing and sharing operation before January 2016. The company recently stopped this to focus on data protection. Carbonite allows you to access your data in case of loss and also trigger an alarm even if the device is in silent mode.

Carbonite Cloud Backup File Sync

Carbonite web interface is very simple and straight forward with all the tabs well arranged. It has only limited features with downloading made easy by just clicking on the folder and selecting the specific file. There is no file versioning or sharing options as you only get to back up what was backed up in the previous schedule. It doesn’t allow video streaming and all music, photos and video files are treated like a normal data. The structure of service is very refreshing as you don’t need to scroll through tons of useless information before getting the actual information you need.

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