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Backblaze Backup Service

One of the least expensive and easiest online backup service is Backblaze. With a very interactive interface and an interesting pricing system, It still makes the list of slow and less feature online backup system. One interesting feature about it is that it suggests the documents to be backed up for you before allowing you to make any decision and you cannot even seem to share your cloud stored files.

Backblaze Backup Service Pricing

With a normal plan of $50 in a year and $5 per month for unlimited storage capacity in one computer, Backblaze is really less expensive compared to other online backup storage services. Although, They doesn’t offer a permanent free account level as in the case of IDrive but you can still enjoy the free package for 15 days.

Backblaze Backup Plans
Plan Storage Cost(1m) Cost(12m) Cost(24m) Buy
1 Unlimited $5 $50 $95 Visit

Backblaze Cloud Storage Features

Immediately, you finish installing Backblaze on your computer, it scans through all the file types and automatically backs them up without your permission. It restricts your access of selecting the files or folders to be backed up. Since simplicity is the primary aim of Backup, it only allows the service to decide for you. They only backs up all user files but it doesn’t copy system files or applications.

It has a well organized and interactive interface where icons are very easy to locate. An icon that gives access to there website and triggering of system backup is placed in the notification tray for windows user. One of the major problems with the interface is the difficulty of selecting the folder to be backed up as you can only select the ones to be excluded. Although, the backup can happen automatically, you can also set the schedule option for the occurrence of backup.

Backblaze Online Backup Ssl

Backblaze uses SSL when performing backups. It gives you ability to manage your own encryption keys if you are concerned about the actions of hackers or there staffs thereby having full control of your data. since your files are always encrypted prior to transfer especially when they are on there servers. The backup speed of there operation is very shocking and slow since the service doesn’t allow you to specify the files or folder you wish to treat.

Backblaze Backup Service Apps

Backblaze has no apps for windows phone but it has identical apps for iOS and Android with both allowing you to navigate through your cloud storage backup file structure. One of the differences between the web and app experience is that the app allows you to download and view individual files from your backups and it also allows you to play multimedia files. They doesn’t have the syncing options as present in other Online Backup Storage solution such as Dropbox and IDrive.

Backblaze Cloud Backup File Sync

Backblaze is a perfect option for novice computer users since it only requires a few steps for creating account and automatically backs up your files without you having any problem of thinking about backing up your files except an error occur or a new computer is bought. But advanced computer users will crave for full control of cloud storage backup files ranging from ability to view files remotely, file syncing, viewing of backup files and so on instead of limited control. Although, there super slow upload speed can be very frustrating and the fact that you only have little input to documents that gets backed up is also awful.

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